January 25th is World Religion Day!

Researching The Similarities & Differences Of All Religions 

January 25th is recognized as World Religion Day across our globe. In 1950, the Bahai faith created this holiday to encourage followers of the Bahai faith to celebrate no matter where they may be. In its 64th year of celebration, the holiday has transformed to recognize all religions.

With recent headlines in the news, it is no surprise that our society has difficulty uniting as one. Days like World Religion Day emphasize the importance of us coming together to live in harmony, despite what religion an individual may choose to worship.

Whether you are Hindu, Native American, Christian, Jewish, or Janist, the 25th of January is the day to celebrate all religions and join together as one. By viewing the similarities and differences of each religion, we can formulate a more universal acceptance amongst our people. On this day, it is encouraged that we take a moment to attend a public ceremony or research other religions.

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