Take Action On World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Turn Your Attention To The Earth Today

Today is the UN’s World Environment Day. While it is not a public holiday, countries including Kenya, Poland, New Zealand, Spain, and the US all celebrate in a variety of ways, including holding parades and concerts to raise awareness of environmental issues, planting trees, and organizing clean-up events.

World Environment Day began in 1972 to mark the beginning of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. On the same day, the United Nations Environment Programme was also established.

Today reminds us all to examine our carbon footprint. Hopefully we can make the time to ask ourselves, how can we take steps towards going green? To help you do just that, here are a few suggestions:

  • Plant a tree
  • Clean up our neighborhoods
  • Look for ways to creatively reuse items instead of throwing them away
  • Start composting
  • Switch our incandescent light bulbs out for CFL or LED bulbs
  • Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth and shorten your showers
  • When rinsing dishes, rather than toss the water down the sink, put it to better use with plants and/or outdoor vegetation.
  • When waiting for the water to get warm out of the faucet, shower or bathtub, have a receptacle nearby to collect this run off and use it as above.
  • Our community has restricted us to watering lawns twice a week.  We need to make sure that we honor whatever water use guidelines are in effect.

The Maria Sanchez Show team welcomes you to join us as we look for ways to minimize our environmental impact in celebration of World Environment Day!

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