Ways to (Actually) Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Use these tips to stick to your resolutions in the New Year.

Over the years, some of us have had a difficult time keeping our New Year’s resolutions, and in spite of how chagrined we may feel, we are not alone. In fact, over half of the population that make resolutions, aren’t actively able to keep their resolutions by June each year, for a variety of reasons. If we’d like 2016 to be different, though, we did some research and we think that we can help! Here are some tips to aid us to actually maintain our New Year’s resolutions.

  • Break Them Down. Major resolutions are a great way to transform our lives, however they can be challenging to keep. If we want to be ambitious and make big resolutions, it is suggested that we break them down into smaller steps.
  • Reward Yourself. Keeping our resolutions is hard work, and we deserve a pat on the back for doing it! Look for even a small bit of progress, and find a way to reward ourselves.
  • Reflect. Not finding much worth rewarding? It’s time to sit down with our resolutions and find out what is presenting itself as our biggest obstacle. Addressing those head-on can help us keep our resolutions in 2016. We shouldn’t be afraid to tinker with our resolutions as needed.

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