The History Of Valentine’s Day

The Story Behind This Celebration

While Valentine’s Day is not one of the public holidays, it still majorly affects public life. It is a great reminder to show those we love just how muchwe care and value our relationships, and presents the opportunity to shower our sweethearts with gifts and affections.

As we celebrate some may be wondering just how, exactly, this romantic holiday got its start. The day originally began to celebrate a number of saints named Valentine, and legend has it the holiday’s romantic roots began with one such saint. There was a time during the Roman Empire when soldiers were forbidden from marrying. Legend says that Saint Valentine of Rome performed secret weddings so that soldiers could be wed to their loves. He was imprisoned, and allegedly wrote letters signed “Your Valentine.”

Eighteenth-century England expanded this holiday, and designated the day as one on which sweethearts exchanged flowers, confectionery, and greeting cards (i.e. valentines) to show their affection.

While the day is definitely exploited and terribly commercialized, the true reason behind the day should carry us forward each and every day.  Acknowledging those folks, family, friends, and spouses who are dear to us shouldn’t be relegated to just one day a year.  I know some couples that refuse to celebrate on Valentine’s Day because they feel that they do so regularly throughout the year.

Personally, I think it’s a terrible excuse to go out and spend inordinate amounts of money on flowers, gifts, and a meal.  I’d rather stay away from the over crowded and over priced restaurants and have a quiet evening at home, being with the one you care about the most.

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