Tips for Our Spring Gardens

gardening supplies and plants

Let’s try out these essential spring gardening tips.

With temperatures getting warmer and the sun shining brightly, it’s time to start thinking about getting our home gardens in order.  Because winter conditions can wreak havoc on our gardens, we’ll need to give them a little TLC before we can start thinking about planting.  Here are some of the things we can do to get our gardens ready for spring.

  • Clean Out Weeds and Debris

Before we can start planting, we need to prepare our gardens for the new additions.  To start, we should clear away all the fallen leaves, twigs, and dead plants currently in our gardens.  We should also remove any weeds by the root to ensure that they do not grow back.  Once our gardens are clean and clear, we will have a good base for all the vegetation and flowers we want to plant.

  • Prepare Our Tools

Before we begin the heavy-duty gardening work, it’s important to make sure that we have all the necessary tools and supplies ready.  This way, we do not have to interrupt our work with last-minute trips to the garden store.  To prep our tools, we suggest inspecting them for rust and sharpen any dull blades.  It’s also advised to get our lawnmowers professionally cleaned and serviced as well.  At this time, we can pick up garden soil, fertilizer, pest repellant, and other gardening essentials.

  • Care for Our Soil

During the cold, wet winter months, the soil in our gardens probably got compacted and over-saturated.  To ensure that our plants have the soil they need to flourish, it’s important to till our gardens to aerate the soil and redistribute the moisture. This is the ideal time to amend the soil with perlite and fertilizer to ensure that the soil is light and filled with the necessary nutrients.

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