The Importance of Teen Pregnancy Prevention is Recognized Each May

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it is always best when the parents are fully prepared to nurture and support the child that they are bringing into the world. But many babies are born to less than prepared parents, and all too often these parents are still children themselves.

Teen pregnancy is a big problem across the United States which has led Advocates for Youth to sponsor National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month each May.  As part of its initiative, Advocates for Youth provides support for both teens and their parents in order to guide them to make the best decisions possible regarding their sexual health. Several local communities implement activities surrounding teen pregnancy prevention including partnering with local media and dispersing fact sheets.

With a newly updated guidebook, the Advocates for Youth has renewed its commitment to helping families and communities prevent unplanned pregnancies. Information is available that is designed to help teens delay sexual activity as long as possible, and educate them about gaining access to contraception and using it effectively.

Here at the Maria Sanchez Show, we applaud the efforts of Advocates for Youth and their dedication to teen pregnancy prevention. To gain valuable information about this important issue, contact the Maria Sanchez Show, or to catch up on our latest shows download our podcasts.

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