Suggestions as to How We Can Support a Loved One Suffering from Depression

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What we can do to help someone suffering from depression.

Depression may be one of the most debilitating and frightening mental illnesses.  For those of us who have loved ones suffering from depression, it is highly likely that it may be challenging to offer the support that they need. However, it’s important to remember that even the smallest actions may make a difference.  Here are some suggestions that we may do to help a friend or family member afflicted by depression.

  • Do Not Belittle Their Feelings

Telling someone with depression to cheer up or think positively isn’t going to do anything to help their situation.  In fact, this could make them feel like we are downplaying their feelings, and they may pull away.  Instead of giving superficial advice, it’s important to really listen to what our loved ones are saying and accept their feelings without judgment.  Our compassion and acceptance may help them be more open about their struggles.

  • Make Ourselves Available

While we may be tempted to give our loved ones a lot of space to process their thoughts and feelings, this might be seen as abandonment.  To ensure that our loved ones don’t feel isolated, it’s suggested that we make an effort to reach out, so they know that we are there for them.  Just knowing that they have someone to rely on may make dealing with depression easier.

  • Encourage Professional Help

Depression has a lot of causes.  Whatever the reason for its manifestation, it can be terrifying and the outlook may be bleak to those who suffer.  It is often a magnificent opportunity for self-care and discovery with a clinically trained professional.  Therefore, it’s important to encourage our loved ones to get professional help.  A clinical intervention and therapy mayhelp our loved ones manage their condition and start to feel better.

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