Suggestions to Possibly Avoid a Holiday Hangover

friends drinking at party

How we may prevent hangover symptoms this holiday season.

With the holidays nearly here, many of us maybe attending parties and other events. Because holiday parties often involve alcohol, we might want to consider the possibility of hangovers.  While limiting our alcohol intake is one great way to avoid hangover symptoms, here are some of the other suggestions that we suggest as well.

  • Avoid Drinks with High Congener Levels

Congeners are toxic by-products of making alcohol. Studies have shown that alcoholic drinks that contain high levels of congeners seem to increase both the frequency and intensity of hangovers.  Alcohols that have high levels of congeners include whiskey, cognac, tequila, and bourbon. However, colorless alcohols like vodka, gin, and rum have lower levels of congeners.  If we want to potentially avoid nasty hangovers, then we could stick to these alcohols with lower congener levels.

  • Stay Hydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic and drinking too much can actually lead to dehydration.  While dehydration doesn’t necessarily cause hangovers, it can make symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and dry mouth evenworse. Fortunately, dehydration is an easy problem to fix.  By drinking water between drinks and having a large glass of water before going to bed, we may alleviate some of the more intense hangover symptoms.

  • Eat After a Night of Drinking

Hangovers can be associated with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels.  Oftentimes, people who suffer from low blood sugar have far worse hangover symptoms than those with normal blood sugar levels.  To keep our sugar levels up, experts recommend eating a meal after a night of drinking or eating a big breakfast the morning after.  While we may not feel up to eating the morning after a party, we could do our best to eat a nutritious meal.  Raising our blood sugar levels may help our hangover symptoms start to decrease.

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