Ride the Last Winds of Summer

Most of us are looking for ways to hold on to the last days of summer. What better way to enjoy the breezy end of summer than the celebration of Ride the Wind Day? Mark your calendar for August 23rd and leave your worries behind as you ride the last winds of summer.

Ride the Wind Day celebrates the first ever human powered aircraft and it was called The Gossamer Condor. On the 23rd of August, 1977 amateur cyclist and hang-glider pilot Bryan Allen, won the first Kremer Prize by completing a figure-eight course specified by the Royal Aeronautical Society, at Minter Field in Shafter, California.   This event lead to further discoveries by NASA.

Ride the Wind Day is perfect for motorcycle riders and car drivers alike. This holiday gives you an excuse to drive with your windows down. Celebrate Ride the Wind day with the family by driving to a favorite recreation spot and fly a kite or create fun wind streamers out of construction paper.

Join your friends on a bicycle ride and soar down hills or take the day off to para glide and enjoy the wind in your hair. However you choose to celebrate Ride the Wind Day is up to you, just let the wind guide you and enjoy the day!

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