Exercise Your Right to Vote! Register to Vote Before it’s Too Late

Register to Vote in Honor of National Voter Registration Day

Democrat or Republican. Green Party or Libertarian Party. We exercise our right to vote here at The Maria Sanchez Show! We’d like to ask you to please join us in voting this November, but be sure to register first. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as you exercise your right to vote. Ensure that you’re ready to vote, and register before October 24, 2016. Check out how to register so that you can participate in the upcoming election.

Register Online.

Visit the online registration application with your driver license or identification card number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your birthday. Fill out the form and you’re ready to vote. Keep in mind that you must be 18 or older and a U.S. citizen to register.

Submit a Paper Application.

You’re also able to register with a paper application. Pick up your application at your local post office, library, DMV, or call your county elections office for an application.

Statistically, a Presidential election cycle generates more registered voters at the poll.  Unfortunately, that figure is roughly 51%+.  On the off years, that figure drops down to approximately just over one-third of all eligible voters!  Those statistics have always alarmed me.  If we aren’t registered and then we don’t vote, how can we really expect the ‘winner’ to represent the people – us?  Especially, since only a simple majority of the people elected him or her.  It just doesn’t make any sense!  And don’t get us started about people who have opinions and then they aren’t registered, or worse yet, they don’t bother to vote.  I don’t want to hear what you have to say unless you exercise your privilege, then your opinion actually does matter to me.

Let’s make this election cycle different – let’s make sure our friends, family, colleagues, neighbors are registered to vote and then do vote.  If a majority of us vote, even if we don’t care for the outcome, at least ‘the people have spoken’ and we can really honor their choices, no matter how different they might be from our own.

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