Make Up On Reconciliation Day

Today Is The Perfect Day To Rebuild Bridges

Most of us probably have those people in our lives with whom we have had a falling out. Carrying around bitterness, though, will only make our hearts feel heavy. We deserve to be able to walk around free and light, with our consciences healed. Today is the perfect day to release our hurts and make an attempt to reconcile with the people who have wronged us so we can get that kind of freedom, because it is Reconciliation Day.

Forgiving people and asking for forgiveness is not an easy task, but it has the potential to breathe so much life and joy into our lives. Just imagine how it might feel if we run into that person in the grocery store and we do not have to awkwardly avoid one another. Reconciling brings healing into our communities, and it may improve our lives.  It does suggest that we reside in humility and it is a wonderful opportunity for reflection and self-inventory.  Take advantage of Reconciliation Day today!

We hope that you are able to make the most of the opportunity to reconcile today! To catch up on the latest from The Maria Sanchez Show, download the latest podcast today.

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