What To Know About Celiac Disease This October

Raise Awareness About Celiac Disease This Month

October is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Here’s what we’d like to share with you.

Going gluten free has become something of a craze in our country, to the point that it’s even grabbed headlines when celebrities have given it a try. For some people, though, it’s so much more than just a trendy lifestyle choice.

People who are afflicted with celiac disease actually have to avoid gluten for their health. During October—which is Celiac Disease Awareness Month—we want to help you be informed about this genetic disorder.

Celiac disease affects one in 133 Americans. When people with celiac eat gluten (wheat, rye, or barley), they damage their villi. Because the villi are the portions of your intestines that absorb nutrients, this is dangerous. Celiac disease can cause malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, lack of energy, and more.

How do people with celiac disease maintain a normal, healthy life? They have to maintain a strict gluten-free diet. We’d like to suggest that if you’re hosting an event at which you’ll be serving food, make sure you have some options that are free from gluten so that your friends with celiac can still eat.

Whenever I’m entertaining, prior to the event, I also ask my guests if they have any dietary restrictions so that I can honor their constraints.  One of my son’s dated a woman with Celiac disease and it was amazing to me how many gluten free items there are on the market today, giving us an opportunity to be sensitive to those who can be inadvertently harmed without the proper selection of food.

While gluten free may be a choice for some, those who suffer from Celiac disease can have gluten be a life and death situation – or even a hospitalization.

The Maria Sanchez Show wants to do our part of raise awareness about this common disease this October. We hope you’ll join us during Celiac Disease Awareness Month!

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