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The Perfect Picnic For International Picnic Day

Picnic Day June 18th

Celebrate International Picnic Day With This Guide

People have been enjoying picnics since the Victorian era. As the weather warms this summer, it beckons us to pack up some food and drink, head to a scenic area, and enjoy a meal in the fresh air and sunshine. If we do just that tomorrow, we will be celebrating International Picnic Day, which falls on June 18th each year.

If you are planning a picnic to celebrate, may we suggest that you use these tips to perfect it?

  • Choose Your Site: Think about the on-site amenities you will want to have near your picnic (e.g. restrooms, running water, and pet friendliness) when choosing your location.
  • Select Your Canvas: You will want to have the right blankets, towels, or mats to sit on. Make sure the fabric you pick works with your location, and that your seating area is large enough.
  • Make Your Menu: Will you be packing picnic classics? What about a baked potato bar? Or a dessert picnic? Settle on a menu that your guests will enjoy and be able to transport.
  • Supply Drinks: Even the most delicious meal can be spoiled by thirst. Bring plenty of water and other beverages with your picnic.
  • Foodborne Illness’:  Every year there are a reported 76 million cases of foodborne illness’ that occur in the United States.  Proper food handling is essential to help make our picnics enjoyable and not deadly.  The basic rule of thumb, keep hot food hot and cold food cold.

We hope you have fun celebrating with this guide. Happy Picnic Day from The Maria Sanchez Show!

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