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How We Can Observe Responsible Pet Owners Month

How We Can Observe Responsible Pet Owners Month

Let’s take better care of our furry-friends this Responsible Pet Owners Month.

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and, as the name indicates, this month is dedicated to helping pet owners take better care of their family companions.  Ready to be better pet owners?  Here are some of the things that we may consider to do for our pets this month.

ID Tags and Microchipping

To start, we should make sure that our dogs are equipped with updated ID tags and are microchipped.  Taking these steps will ensure that we are reunited with our pets in the event that they run away and get lost.


To ensure that our dogs do not fall ill, we need to keep up with their recurring vaccinations.  For instance, we need to ensure that our pets receive the following vaccinations:

  • Bordatella (annually)
  • Lyme (annually)
  • Canine influenza (annually)
  • Rabies (every 1-3 years)
  • DHPP (every 3 years)

Other Pets

Instead of dogs, our households may have cats, birds, rabbits, rats, gerbils, fish, snakes, pigs, chickens, goats, turtles to name many of the other pets that we love.  A medical provider who specializes in these areas is a wise choice to make sure that we stay on top of whatever their particular needs are.


What a great reason to get up and go outside, we can take our pets out on leashes and get some fresh air along with them!  Exercise is a mutually beneficial activity – everyone wins!


Finally, we need to make sure that we groom our dogs regularly as well.  While most cats self-groom, certain breeds with longer coats require regular brushing and maintenance to ensure that they do not develop hair knots or have matted fur.  Dogs should receive frequent baths, and some may need to have their coats sheared.  Both cats and dogs should have their nails trimmed, their teeth brushed, and their ears cleaned.

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