How We Can Observe National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

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How we can educate our teens about the realities of drug and alcohol abuse.

Today kicks off National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW), a weeklong health observance held from Monday, March 30th through Sunday, April 5th.  The goal of this week is to shatter the myths that popular media create about drug and alcohol use and educate teens about the scientific truths surrounding drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

During this week, scientists, experts, and teens come together to discuss how drugs and alcohol affect the brain, body, decision-making abilities, and behaviors.  While many of these educational opportunities happen in schools and community centers, we can also participate in this week at home.

For parents and families, NDAFW allows us to have candid discussions about drugs and alcohol with our children.  While drugs and alcohol can often be a taboo subject between parents and children, establishing an open line of communication may help ensure that our kids understand just how serious drug and alcohol abuse can be.  Rather than simply banning these substances, it’s important to have truthful conversations about the consequences of drug and alcohol use and set realistic guidelines for our families.  Now is also a good time to share personal experiences and stories of addiction to illustrate the seriousness of drug and alcohol use. By opening up with our kids, we can help to ensure that they will be making informed decisions instead of using tv, movies, social media, and the internet as their guide.

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