How We Can Get A Better Night’s Sleep

man sleeping soundly

Let’s conquer our sleep struggles.

Across the United States, millions struggle with sleep problems.  While the occasional restless night won’t hurt us, chronic sleep issues can have debilitating effects on our health.  For those of us who are struggling to get the restorative sleep our bodies and minds need, here are several suggestions.

  • Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment

We can promote better sleep by creating a peaceful environment.  To achieve optimum sleep conditions, it is strongly suggested that we remove any electronics or devices that produce bright light or make noise.  It’s also important to keep our rooms between 60 and 67 degrees for the most comfortable sleeping temperature.  Finally, it is recommended that we decorate our rooms in soothing, neutral colors to promote relaxation and peace.

  • Stave Off Daytime Naps

Those of us who have trouble sleeping at night may try to catch up on sleep during the day.  However, taking naps may prevent us from falling asleep at bedtime, setting off a damaging cycle.  This is why it’s encouraged to do our best to fight off sleep during the day. For those who have the luxury of taking an afternoon nap, it is advised to skip it, which may be difficult at first, but this is an important part of resetting our sleep schedules.

  • Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Big Meals in the Evening

Alcohol, cigarettes, and nicotine may disrupt our sleep cycles. Additionally, eating a heavy or spicy meal too close to our bedtimes may cause discomfort that makes it more difficultto fall asleep.  So, for the best chances of falling into a deep and restful sleep, we may want to consider avoiding all these things before bed.

  • Speak to Our Doctors

For those of us who have tried everything and still have trouble falling and staying asleep, it is advised that we consult with our doctors or health care practitioners.  They may be able to prescribe us medications or discuss other remedies to help us get the sleep we need.

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