Pump Up the Jams for National Radio Day

Finally, a day when we can appreciate one of the things that brings us joy whether we are stuck in traffic, taking a scenic drive, working out, looking to escape into some daydreaming or checking out the latest topics in the world of talk radio. National radio day which dates back to 1990 is on August 20th so pump up the jams and get down with your bad self… or whatever it is they said in the 90’s.

Radio was invented in the 1800s and was brought about with important discoveries in technology like reception and transmission. These are things we use every day that affect our quality of life so it is definitely worth celebrating this August.

Celebrating national radio day is easy and fun! We can kick back, relax and listen to music on our favorite stations or we can even take some time out of our day to write a note of appreciation to a favorite DJ or talk show host.

Radio has influenced how we receive information today. The beauty of radio is that it can be spontaneous, it is fluid, it reacts to the news as the news happens and it is largely unscripted, especially talk radio.  So take some time this August to appreciate and celebrate national radio day!

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