It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month – Learn How We Can Make a Difference

It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month – Learn How We Can Make a Difference

Please join us in raising awareness about mental health.

Our mental health is just as important if not more important than our physical health. However, it often doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Mental health is affected by a variety of illnesses that range from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia and psychosis to substance abuse. Please join us in fighting against the stigmas associated with mental health, and learn more about mental health and how we can raise awareness during National Mental Health Awareness Month.

About Mental Health.

Mental health is an integral component in our overall health. It’s important to keep our stress under control to stay healthy. However, mental disorders are health conditions that require a medical diagnosis. From depression to substance abuse to schizophrenia, there are an exhaustive array of many mental disorders.

The latest manual which mental health providers use to diagnosis is referred to as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Or DSM-5 for a shorter reference.

Only a physician can make a formal diagnosis, usually a psychiatrist.  Psychologists may make a diagnosis, but they are not a formal diagnosis because that is delegated to a medical doctor.

How to Raise Awareness About Mental Health.

  • Talk About It. The more you talk about mental health, the easier it is to educate others about mental health. That way we’re better able to destigmatize mental health disorders so that we can get the healthcare that we and our loved ones may need.
  • There are national, regional, and local resources devoted to this field.  To learn about what is available in each of our communities, we suggest a simple Google search

“Finally, Instagram is also addressing mental health issues with a new campaign of theirs.  It is known as #HereForYou, and it puts a spotlight on users and communities on their social media network who are raising awareness about mental health and how important it is to find support for those who are affected.

The goal is to assist folks who are struggling or dealing with mental health issues to find opportunities for assistance on the Instagram platform.” 

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