Strive to Be a Part of Your Community on National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day Tips

We love our neighbors, but often we forget to appreciate them for all they do. From helping collect the mail when we’re out of town, to lending us that missing ingredient so that we can finish our batch of cookies before company arrives, neighborly love is underrated. Since its inception in 1978, by former President Jimmy Carter, National Good Neighbor Day helps to build community. We’d like to encourage each of us to demonstrate to our neighbors how much we appreciate them on National Good Neighbor Day! Come September 28th, check out these ways we might return the favor and be a good neighbor.

Be Mindful of Noise.

When it comes to being a good neighbor, remember to be respectful with regards to disturbances, especially noise. It would be very considerate if we notified our neighbors before a party, keep the dog’s barking under control, and don’t make too much noise before 8:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m.

Deliver a Treat.

Whether it’s flowers or chocolate chip cookies, actually showing our neighbors how much we need and are grateful for them, with a token of appreciation. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

Write a Note of Appreciation.

No need for fancy gifts, all we need is pen and paper. Writing our neighbors a letter thanking them for all the wonderful things they do to help make our world a better place.

I went out of town for a couple of weeks in late August.  I gave one of my neighbors a key to my home and I asked her if she would water my houseplants as well as my outdoor potted plants during my absence.  Not only did she do so, everything was thriving upon my return, but she also applied WD-40 to my squeaky and reluctant sliding glass door and screen so that they operate quietly and smoothly now!

I also asked another neighbor of mine if he would babysit my orchid that was given to me by my future daughter-in-law’s mother many months ago.  Sure enough, I dropped the flowering plant off to his place for his care, custody, and control.  Upon my return, my orchid is still flowering beautifully, which is a shock to him because it has been doing so for nearly six months – apparently that’s unusual for indoor orchids!

I wrote them each a note of thanks and also gave them some Swiss chocolate that I had purchased during my time in Switzerland for that very purpose.  Win/win/win – it’s how I love to operate on this planet.

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