Get Those Thank You Cards Ready! It’s National Doctor’s Day Tomorrow

National Doctor's Day

Applaud the people who keep you healthy; tomorrow is National Doctor’s Day!

Do you thank your doctor? It’s not common practice for all of us, since oftentimes doctor’s visits are associated with nerves or discomfort. That doesn’t mean your healthcare provider isn’t worthy of gratitude, though; doctors can help to keep us healthy.

Tomorrow is the perfect chance to say thanks because it’s National Doctor’s Day! This national day is honored on March 30th a tradition since 1933, this day is set aside to recognize physicians for the important work and to express gratitude to them for investing in keeping us well.

Your doctor is probably under a lot of stress. After all, while most of us can get away with a mistake or two at work, doctors can’t slip up or they could risk our very lives! Why not take a moment to write a quick note or pick up a balloon to brighten your doctor’s day? Let your physician or health care provider know you appreciate all the care he or she has provided.

And to all of the dedicated doctors out there, thank you from The Maria Sanchez Show! We’re truly grateful for everything you do!

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