It’s National Cell Phone Courtesy Month – Here Are a Few Suggestions to Participate

It’s National Cell Phone Courtesy Month – Here Are a Few Suggestions to Help Us Participate

Let’s be mindful of how we use our cell phones for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

In our digital world, our cell phones help to keep us connected. They allow us to talk to our loved ones, work remotely, read up on the news, and more. However, when we’re constantly connected, our perceptions about when it’s appropriate to use our phones may become muddled. July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Please join us in learning more about how to use our cell phones with more courtesy.

Switch to Silent.

When out and about, silencing our cell phones helps us be respectful of public spaces. Most importantly, in places of worship (ridiculous that we have to be reminded of this), in a theater or the grocery store, please save phone conversations for more private locations.

Be Present.

All too often we forget to be present with the people we’re with. Put down the phone when spending time with friends and family and while in meetings.  Personally, it’s our opinion that if we’re not on call professionally, put the phone away.  What’s more important than catching up in real time with the folks that are in front of us?

As an aside from Maria directly, I find if offensive that someone has to keep checking their phone or their tablet when I’m visiting with someone, especially if our time together has been pre-arranged.  Why can’t it wait until after we part company?  I’m the mother of four children; I have a rescue pup at home, I work with cancer patients, I understand how committed we are.  But if we don’t take the time to be present really, and at the moment, we’re denying ourselves of some very important self-care and the investment in the relationship with the person or persons that we are meeting with.

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