November is National Adoption Awareness Month

November marks National Adoption Awareness Month. Adoption provides children without a family the chance of a normal life and provides adoptive parents with an opportunity to invite a child into their family and into their hearts. Although all areas relating to adoption are important, this celebratory month focuses specifically on adopting children that are living in foster care.

Whether you are looking to welcome a child into your family or simply want to help support the movement, National Adoption Awareness Month goes above and beyond to find forever homes for children living in foster care. There are a variety of ways we can spread awareness for the movement, including:

  • Education is key – Those who are informed of adoption services are better able to utilize them. A great way to spread information regarding adoption options is to contact our local foster agencies and determine what their needs are and perhaps how we may be of assistance in sharing that information.
  • Local Press – Ask our local newspapers to post a story about a family that successfully adopted a child.  Another great article would be about non-traditional families adopting.
  • Elected Officials & Candidates – During Election year, we may be able to convince current officials and candidates to promote the movement.

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