Raise Mental Health Awareness This Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

The Significance Of The Coming Month

When we see the first signs of physical illness, we are quick to treat them. Whether than means trying a natural remedy, digging through your medicine cabinet, or heading to the doctor, you do your best to kick a physical sickness when it first sets in.

With mental illnesses we tend to react differently, however. Perhaps because the symptoms are less tangible, people generally tend to ignore problems with their mental health until they reach the later stages, when their symptoms are harder to live with and their road to recovery is longer.

To encourage mental health awareness and help us treat mental illness with the same seriousness of physical illness, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month, encourage openness around mental health issues, and do not hesitate to guide friends, family, or yourself towards professional help if you notice any symptoms of mental health problems, including changes in sleep patterns and appetite, irritability, trouble controlling thoughts, and tendencies towards isolation.

We hope you will join us at The Maria Sanchez Show and help spread the word about Mental Health Awareness Month this May!

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