Memorial Day More Meaningful Than Other Holidays

Memorial Day means much more than the unofficial start of the summer season. It is a celebration and a “lifetime achievement award” for our military veterans who sacrificed everything to keep our freedom free.

After years of celebrating Decoration Day on May 30, Congress adopted the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” in 1968 establishing Memorial Day as the last Monday in May, creating an annual three-day weekend. However, this day remains more significant than the parades and cookouts.

Although its focus in history, honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military, remains, as millions flock to cemeteries and memorial sites, it also celebrates those who served and survived as well as those who died.

Originally called for by General John Logan in 1862 to honor deceased Civil War veterans, it wasn’t until 1868 that his idea became reality. It was deemed “Decoration Day” because it called for decorating the graves of fallen comrades, not for any specific battle.

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