Make A Difference On Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Honoring our Veterans

Ideas For Honoring Our Veterans On Memorial Day

Today we commemorate Memorial Day. It is so much more than just a day off work (although we sincerely hope you are enjoying the extra time!). This national holiday is about remembering and honoring all of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country. As we do so, we will likely find ourselves wanting to express our gratitude. Here are just a few suggestions for honoring our veterans today, and every day, frankly.

  • Invest In Military Families: There are a number of great national organizations (e.g. Goodwill) who are working to help strengthen military families and improve their quality of life. By choosing one and donating—either time or money—we can help support those who are protecting our freedoms.
  • Choose One Soldier: We can make a tremendous impact in an individual life. There are numerous organizations that have identified troops or individual service members that we can reach out to and show our support.
  • Attend A Service: Many communities will hold memorial services to remember the fallen soldiers from across our country’s history. We’d like to suggest that you consider attending one to honor them, and instill meaning in this important holiday.

The whole team at The Maria Sanchez Show extends a heartfelt thank you to our veterans and the families of our fallen soldiers.

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