Maria Sanchez Back on Air with Senator Michael D. Brown!

After taking a break from our weekday podcasts, we’re proud to share that we’ve agreed to join Senator Michael D. Brown on his weekly radio broadcast. Senator Brown invited us to join his weekly program and we debuted together this past Sunday, October 25th, 4pm PDT/7pm EDT.

Our first broadcast together was an informal ‘get to know you’ conversation so that the listeners could gain a better understanding of where we stand in the world of politics, as well as personally. I had been a guest on the Senator’s program twice before, and I thoroughly enjoyed his passionate and respectful presence, as well as our discussion. His then co-host had to move on professionally so that is how the opportunity presented itself to me.

Senator Brown is a Democrat and I’m a Republican.  He resides on the East Coast and I live in the Los Angeles area. While I am fiscally conservative, I’m socially liberal so some of what I have to say isn’t your traditional lock step Republican jargon.

My passion is radio and being back on the air is incredibly stimulating for me!

Please make sure to listen to us live at or later on demand. We’re also on iTunes and Stitcher and we plan on making the program available via a podcast as well as on our website at  If you have any suggestions for topics or guests, please don’t hesitate to email me at[email protected].

 I look forward to hearing from you and continuing the great tradition that Senator Brown began when he first started his Shadow Politics radio program.

By the way, Shadow Politics refers to Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown.  He has been elected by the residents of the District of Columbia but technically, he’s a non-voting Senator, which makes for some interesting radio. We will discuss current events, news makers, and of course, anything that is going on in the world of politics.

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