Make Sure Your Mother’s Day Gift Comes from the Heart

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Not to worry, you still have a few days to search for something sweet, sentimental, or just plain silly to show your Mom just how much you care. We celebrate our mothers here at The Maria Sanchez Show and the guidance they have provided us along the way.

Gift ideas for Mom do not have to be limited to flowers, although those are nice.   You canbe creative and perhaps get your mom a visit to the spa. Take her out to a nice lunch or dinner. Send her a care package with a few of her favorite things. Or, if nothing else, this mother of four loves nothing better than a simple greeting card with a personalized salutation.

When this occasion arrives, something from the heart is infinitely better than something that is store bought.  It is the thought that counts, at least for me!

We love to discuss family relationships and dynamics. You can read more from me through The Maria Sanchez Show archives.

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