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What We Could Be Doing Instead of Staring at Our Smart Devices

person playing on smartphone

Here are some of the productive things we could be doing instead of playing around with our devices. In this day and age, it can feel like we are inseparable from our devices. While in general, most of them assist us with our communication, our research, our news gathering, our downtime.  However, the more time that we

Methods We Can Take To Protect Our Data When Using Smart Devices

smart thermostat

How we can preserve our sensitive information while using smart home devices. Today, many of us rely on smart home devices in our households.  However, what we often may not consider is how our smart thermostats, refrigerators, televisions, and other appliances or electronics may leave us exposed to online risks.  To ensure that our personal

Let’s Try Out These Organization Tips This New Year

organized desk

Here’s what we can do to get organized in 2020. This year, many of us have resolved to get organized.  However, if we have let clutter accumulate all over our homes, then getting started can feel overwhelming and impossible.  To ensure that we keep our new year’s resolutions, let’s try out these suggestions to get

Debunking Common Weight Loss Myths

woman measuring her waist

Don’t believe these fake facts about weight loss. Now that 2020 is finally here, many of us may be officially starting our weight loss journeys.  However, as we strive to get fit, it’s important that we are doing so in healthy and positive ways.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about weight loss that can lead

Let’s Share Our Gratitude This National Thank You Month

thank you written on post-it notes

Celebrating the importance of saying, “thank you.” January is National Thank You Month. As the name suggests, this month encourages us to reach out and express our gratitude to the people who have made a difference in our lives.  Whether we say thanks in an email, text, or letter, it’s recommended that we convey our gratitude. 

It’s Essential That We Take Care of Ourselves This National Staying Healthy Month

exercise gear and healthy food

Let’s create healthy habits that we can stick to! Many of us may have resolved to take better care of ourselves in 2020.  This is why January is recognized as National Staying Healthy Month.  This month encourages us to establish healthy habits that we may be able to stick to all year long.  For those

Let’s Get in Touch This Write to a Friend Month

postage stamp

December is Write to a Friend Month. It’s likely that receiving a handwritten letter or card is a distant memory for many of us.  Well, Write to a Friend Month encourages us to change that!  As the name suggests, this month is about connecting with our friends with a heartfelt, handwritten message.  While we can