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Let’s Protect Our Pets This Summer

dog running in grass

Here’s some reminders how to take care of our furry friends this season.

With summer here, the sun is shining, and temperatures are rising rapidly.  While we may enjoy the sunny weather, it’s important that we remember that summer heat poses certain risks.  This is true even for our pets.  To ensure that we are taking care of our pets this summer, here are some of the suggestions to remember.

  • We Need to Promote Proper Hydration

Just like humans, cats and dogs can become dehydrated.  This risk increases when our pets are out in the hot summer sun for longer periods of time. Signs of dehydration include dry gums and excessive drooling.  To ensure that our pets do not suffer, it’s important that we always have fresh, clean water for them to drink.  It’s important to maintain water sources inside our homes and in our yards for ease of access. To ensure that our pets are maximizing their fluid intake, we might also want to consider switching them over to wet food during the summer months.

  • We Should Never Leave Our Pets in the Car

If we are taking our pets with us as we run errands, it’s vital that we do not leave them in an unventilated car.  Frighteningly, a car can heat up to over 100° in a matter of minutes, we must never leave them even for short periods of time.  Even if we leave our cars running with the air turned on, that is no guarantee that our pets will be adversely affected. Anything could go wrong in our absence which may result in adverse and potentially dramatic consequences for our poor pets to suffer and potentially die. So, it is recommended that we either plan on taking our pets inside with us wherever we go or better yet, leave them in our temperature controlled homes, with plenty of water.

  • We Recommend Only Walking During the Coolest Parts of the Day

When taking our dogs out for a walk, it’s important to do it during the early morning or evening. We need to avoid taking our dogs out for long walks during the middle of the day when the heat is at its most intense.  No matter what time of day we are walking, it’s essential to make sure we have plenty of water for our pups. Interestingly, the sun bounces off of the streets and sidewalks and can add extra heat to the temperature as well as cause sunburns on their tummies and delicate paws.

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