Let’s All Go Green This Earth Day

Let’s All Go Green This Earth Day

Let’s all make an effort to be more eco-friendly this Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day, a global day dedicated to supporting the environment and fighting for the betterment of our environment.  In honor of this Earth Day, we should all make an effort to be more environmentally-friendly.  Here are some of the easy things that we can do.

Increase Our Recycling Efforts

While most Americans do a good job of recycling things like plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and paper products, there are many other household items that we aren’t recycling.  For instance, things like old appliances, dead batteries, broken light bulbs, old clothing, and even cooking grease can all be recycled.  In honor of this Earth Day, we should learn how to safely recycle these items around our homes.

Switch to LEDs

Another easy, eco-friendly change that we can make is switching all our standard lightbulbs over to LED lightbulbs.  Because LED lightbulbs are extremely energy efficient, switching over to these bulbs can reduce the amount of energy we use for lighting up to 85%.

Conserve Water

While our planet is covered in water, only a small portion of this water is safe for human use.  This is why we should all make an effort to conserve this precious resource.  Luckily, making little changes such as shortening our showers, adjusting our sprinkler settings, and upgrading to more water efficient appliances can all help us save water.

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