Let’s Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

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Let’s all try to be better neighbors.

Today is National Good Neighbor Day.  As the name suggests, this occasion is about going out of our ways to be good neighbors as well as to recognize the neighbors who have been good to us.  In honor of this National Good Neighbor Day, here are some suggestions to show our neighbors how much we appreciate them.

  • Thank You Notes

An easy way to show our neighbors how much we appreciate them is by writing them a thank you letter in which we list some of the things that they have done for us that we appreciate.  To make this a family effort, let’s encourage our spouses and children to express their thanks in the letter as well.  Delivering such a heartfelt thank you is a great way to show our neighbors that their care and thoughtfulness is appreciated and acknowledged.

  • Gift Basket

Another wonderful way to recognize our neighbors and everything they have done for us is by preparing a small gift basket to say thanks.  Gift cards, homemade treats, and home goods are all thoughtful ingredients that we can include in our baskets.  By putting consideration and care into our gift baskets, we can show our neighbors how grateful we are for their help and support throughout the years.

  • Return the Favor

Perhaps one of the best ways that we can express our gratitude this National Good Neighbor Day is by offering up our time and effort to assist our neighbors.  For instance, we can offer to help them with small tasks such as babysitting their children, mowing the lawn, unloading their groceries, taking in the mail, bringing the trash cans back after collection, as long as we have secured their permission to do so.  These little acts of service are meaningful ways to say thank you for everything that our neighbors do for us.

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