Learn More on National American Eagle Day

Learn More on National American Eagle Day

Today is National American Eagle Day!  Let’s learn more about this interesting holiday.

Every June 20th, American Eagle Day is celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of selecting the bald eagle as our national symbol.  Additionally, this holiday also celebrates the bald eagle’s physical recovery to the American skies and observes the American values, ideals, and attributes for which it stands.

The bald eagle was selected as the United States’ national emblem by our country’s founding fathers on June 20th, 1782.  For over 200 years, the bald eagle has served as a living symbol of the values that our country admires the most: freedom, courage, strength, spirit, and excellence.  The bald eagle is deeply rooted in our nation’s heritage, folklore, and environment and it has a deep meaning for many people throughout the country.  Images of and references to the U.S. national symbol are woven throughout our architecture, music, literature, art, and clothing.

At one time, the American bald eagle was on the brink of extinction as a result of habitat destruction, pollution, hunting, and environmental carelessness.  Luckily, through major efforts, the bald eagle was removed from the “threatened and endangered” species list on June 28th, 2007.  The bald eagle is now a protected species in the 48 lower states, and stricter environmental regulations have contributed to the recovery of our national symbol.  In addition to honoring everything that the bald eagle stands for, American Eagle Day also celebrates the efforts that saved this precious species.

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