John F. Kennedy: Assassinated Today In 1963

John F. Kennedy Assassinated in 1963

November 22nd is the day America lost JFK to his assassination. 

Although we’re just beginning the holiday week, may we suggest that we might take a moment to pause and reflect on a dark day in our nation’s history? On this date, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

The 35th President of the United States was shot while driving through Dallas in a convertible. JFK died at age 46 after being fatally wounded by shots from a gun wielded by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Within two hours, Vice President Lyndon Johnson had been sworn in as the 36th President. His first presidential proclamation was to declare November 25th a national day of mourning for Kennedy. That Monday, hundred of thousands of people joined together to remember one of our nation’s most charismatic leaders.

I was a young girl on that day.  I had a fairly dramatic accident that morning in my own home and it required my parents taking me to the emergency room to stich the wound on my front cheek.  Later that day, our entire family (5 of us at that time) boarded a train to make the journey to my mother’s family, in New Mexico.

I remember when the information was shared on the train, I’m uncertain how the passengers gathered the news, perhaps through transistor radios?  There was a huge cry of disbelief, sadness, angst, horror, and pain.  These strangers put their heads in their hands, they wept, they moaned, they cried out loud.  Clearly, there was something tragic that had occurred at that very moment.

Again, I was in the 2nd grade.  I had no idea what this meant.  It is a memory that will reside with me forever.

The team at The Maria Sanchez Show will be pausing to remember the loss of one of our nation’s presidents today.

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