Get Jazzy On International Jazz Day!

International Jazz Day May 23rd

Celebrate This Fun International Holiday

Each year, International Jazz Day falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. This year, how will you celebrate?

We do not have to go out of our way to commemorate May 23rd. In fact, simply putting on some jazz music not only allows us to participate in the occasion, but can also do us some good. Here are some remarkable benefits of listening to jazz.

  • Tuning into some upbeat jazz can increase our focus and our productivity, giving us the motivation we may need to power through a project.
  • Jazz listeners reported that they were 25 percent less depressed than people who do not listen to jazz.
  • People who listened to jazz after experiencing a stroke saw improved verbal memory, mood, and focus.
  • Just listening to jazz has been shown to cause blood vessel expansion by up to 30 percent, resulting in a drop in blood pressure similar to losing ten pounds!

Tune into some jazz and see how it benefits you. In between your jazz listening, add in some of The Maria Sanchez Show’s  past podcast to bring even more healthy listening into your routine!

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