Happy Bastille Day From The Maria Sanchez Show!

Are you ready to brush up on your French history? We hope so, because Bastille Day is coming up on July 14th. Bastille Day represents the anniversary of the attack on the French prison, Bastille, by Parisian revolutionaries in 1789. This event marked the start of the French revolution, and as such, is on France’s national holiday list. Here are a few interesting facts about Bastille Day.

  • The French revolutionists were fighting for change because of the poor wealth distribution between classes.
  • If a French citizen was not born into money, there was little hope for them to climb the financial ladder.
  • Louis XVI spent so much of the country’s money during his time in Versailles that it put France in an economic crisis.
  • The Parisians beheaded King Louis XVI on July 21st, 1793.

Pay a visit to a French museum, or enjoy French delicacies at a French restaurant on the 14th to celebrate. Happy Bastille Day from The Maria Sanchez Show! Tune in to learn more!

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