Set Your Sights On Healthy Vision Month

Healthy Vision Month & Ultraviolet Awareness Month

Focus On Your Eyes This Month

May brings added sunlight and longer days, meaning we are probably digging out our spare pair of sunglasses due to the added exposure to sunshine. As we do so, let’s turn our attention to the fact that this month is Healthy Vision Month and Ultraviolet Awareness Month.

Many of us concern ourselves with healthy habits for larger parts of our bodies, but how often do we turn our attention to our eyes? This May is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the month to get our vision checked, wear safety glasses when necessary, and practice UV safety.

Ultraviolet light can damage our eyes and increase our risk of eye cancers and cataracts. Whether we are working outside, driving, or just going for a sunny stroll, donning a pair of 100 percent UV-absorbent sunglasses will give our eyes the protection they deserve. If we are going to be in direct sunlight for a longer period of time, we should also consider adding a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.

What steps will you take towards healthy vision this month? The team at The Maria Sanchez Show hopes this post will serve as a reminder to show your eyes some love this month!

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