Happy Birthday Uncle Sam!

Happy Birthday Uncle Sam!

Today, we remember the first use of a beloved American icon: Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam has long been a symbol of American life. What some of us may not know, he was an actual person who had an actual birthday.

Sam Wilson was an American businessman who worked through the War of 1812. His image was first used just a year after that war started. Wilson’s portrait was also utilized to encourage men to enlist in the military during World War I, as well as to solidify civilian support for the troops and the cause. It wasn’t until a number of years later (1950, to be exact), that Sam’s portrait was adopted as an official symbol of the United States.

While it seems Sam Wilson’s birthday was lost to the ages, we do know that September 3rd was the first time his image was used to bolster spirits in America. Wilson’s image has gone through many incarnations over the decades and bears only a slight resemblance to the man himself, but he has still served to inspire Americans since his image was first used in 1813. Over two centuries later, we say Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam!

Join with The Maria Sanchez Show team in wishing Uncle Sam a happy birthday today!

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