(Thanks)Giving Back to your Community

Giving Back to your Community

During this season of giving thanks, may we please remind you to think about what you can give your community.

We’re now in a beautiful season of Thanksgiving.   Thanks shouldn’t be the only thing we give at this time of year, though. We want to encourage everyone to actually act upon our gratitude, expressing it by giving back to our community.

Perhaps we may need some volunteering ideas? Here are a few that we would like to suggest to giving thanks.

  • Make a new (furry) friend. Our local animal shelters always need our help. We’d like to suggest that we can all lend a hand, and we’ll have the chance to spread love to cute homeless animals in our areas!
  • Share the sweet tooth. The holidays often suggest lots of baking. Since we may be going at it in the kitchen anyway, why not double our batches? Give the extras to our local senior homes, soup kitchers, or veterans’ club.
  • Respect our elders. Okay, maybe pair that respect with a little care, too. May we suggest that we visit our local senior center to spread some holiday cheer?

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