Please Vote on November 4th!

Tomorrow, November 4th is General Election Day. On this day, it is extremely important that we let our voices and choices be heard by exercising the honor and privilege that we have been given to vote. Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of individuals who don’t bother to vote. Our voices deserve to be heard, and it cannot be accomplished unless we cast our ballots.  If our elected officials are to represent the majority of us, then the majority of us need to choose who we are sending to our capitals and to Washington by voting.

Here are some thoughts to consider before we decide not to vote, or even worse, to be indifferent.

  • Our world might travel in a different direction if every single individual voted. In recent years, it seems that those who participate in voting are more polarized, and represent the fringe of most parties, instead of the norm or the general population of the parties.
  • In order for our government to be considered a functioning Democracy, individuals of every class status and income level need to voice their opinion. Failure to do so will only result in the few who do participate dictating how the majority will be represented and perhaps underserved.
  • In order to have a say in all decisions made, we must vote. When we fail to at least try, it is impossible to succeed.

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