Drink Up! It’s National Hydration Day

Drink Up! It’s National Hydration Day

Let’s try out these suggestions to help us stay hydrated.

Being out in the hot summer sun can easily cause us to become dehydrated.  This is why National Hydration Day reminds us of the importance of keeping our bodies well-hydrated.  Here are some of the suggestions we should try to help us stay healthy and hydrated on this day and the many hot days to come.

Drink Before an Outing

Whether we are going out for a run or simply running some errands, it’s important that we drink plenty of fluids before engaging in any outdoor activities.  If we are under-hydrated, then it will be extremely difficult to reach an acceptable hydration level once we start sweating.  So, before we step out into the summer sun, let’s make sure that we have consumed enough fluids to keep us going.

Carry Fluids at All Times

Feeling thirsty is one of the first signs of dehydration, and this desire should never be ignored.  To ensure that we can quench our thirst, we should get into the habit of carrying around a reusable water bottle wherever we go.  Having easy access to fluids will help remind us to drink up and stay hydrated.

Jazz Up Water

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, but it can get admittedly boring after a while.  This is why we should try adding different fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make our water a little more interesting.  Having different flavored water options will make staying hydrated more fun and delicious.

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