Celebrate! It’s Celebration of Life Day!

Celebration of Life Day

January 22nd is Celebration of Life Day, giving us the chance to celebrate our kids and our grandchildren.

Although every day is a great opportunity to honor our children and our grandchildren, if we are so blessed, today’s special. It’s officially Celebration of Life Day, and it invites us to lavish the generations behind us with love!

After the busyness of the holidays, many of us may be feeling a little bit frazzled. Celebration of Life Day is an excellent opportunity to stop and take the time to make note of what matters most: our loved ones. Ideally, today should serve as a reminder for us to take our attention off the little things that drain and take away our energy and instead turn it towards much more life-giving entities. Mostly, our children and our grandchildren, and perhaps our great grandchildren!

The whole point of this holiday is to stop down, take a moment or two, to revel in our bounties and to remember just how special each member of our family’s next generations are, and to show them, all of them. By honoring and acknowledging this opportunity to commemorate our families, everybody wins! Our kids and grandkids will feel our love, and we get the opportunity to re-center by focusing on what’s really important in life.

The Maria Sanchez Show will be joining you in participating in Celebration of Life Day so we can spread some love to our families!

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