Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

painting of native american and wolf

Here’s to honor the history and heritage of American Indians this November.

November is Native American Heritage Month.  Also known as National American Indian Heritage month.  This designation is dedicated to recognizing the significant contributions that the original Native Americans had on shaping and growing the Unites States.

This month, we suggest getting involved by learning about the cultures, traditions, and histories of America’s native peoples.  This month also offers a great opportunity to learn about the tribes that shaped our local areas.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we might want to consider raising awareness for the challenges that native peoples have faced historically and the struggles they continue to have today.  It’s important that we also recognize what they have done to overcome these challenges.

A suggestion for us to educate ourselves this November is by watching documentaries on Native American history.  PBS offers a great library of free, informational programs that the entire family may enjoy.  Explore their offerings HERE.

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