Pop Some Tags For National Thriftshop Day

August 17th is the time to pop some tags for National Thrift Shop Day. Lately thrift shops have been taken over by department stores and dollar stores. That’s not good news for those of us who are big on the recycled clothing movement. Make Macklemore proud and spend your Sunday taking advantage of previously owned clothing.

Thrift shop owners around the world, be prepared with sales and celebration for this yearly holiday. Many thrift shops have already stated that they will be planning surprises for this special day so don’t be afraid to take out the “20 dollars in your pocket” to celebrate this holiday.

Aside from saving you money, second hand stores are a great way to improve the economy. Buy that furniture you didn’t think you could afford or get that flannel you wanted for a better price. This is the perfect day to finally get that cool fur coat you saw your grandpa sporting the other day.

Hint, if you didn’t get the reference to Macklemore, he’s an artist who released a song two years ago entitled, “Thrift Shop.”  It’s a favorite of ours and something that we love to listen to.

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