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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on an entirely different day and month than we do here in the United States.  Thanksgiving in Canada is actually celebrated each year on the second Monday of October. This was not always the case. Due to the harsh weather conditions in Canada, many nationals joined forces in 1898 to contest the date of Thanksgiving. However, it was not until 1957 that their wishes came true and the holiday was moved to October. This year, Thanksgiving in Canada will be celebrated on October 13th.

Despite popular belief, American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving are actually a little different. Yes, there are still turkeys, 2.9 million just for Thanksgiving in fact, but there are additional celebratory matters. Canadian Thanksgiving also celebrates their victories over their enemies, the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria, and the termination of cholera. This is because when Martin Frobisher’s 1578 journey ended and he finally reached Canadian land, he and his crew thanked God for being alive, rather than thanking Him for the harvest.

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