9/11: Never Forget!

9/11 Never Forget!

America remembers a dark day in its history and the heroes that brought us through it. 

Ask anyone where they were the morning of September 11th, 2001, and they’ll be able to tell you. Our world stood still as we watched the major national tragedy unfold that day, and America entered a war and tightened its security in the wake of those terrible events.

As we commemorate the 14th anniversary of 9/11, together we stand, remembering those we lost. The heroes who gave their lives to save the innocent on that horrible day are still remembered in our hearts, and in our national landscape. This year, the One World Trade Center in Manhattan had the final pieces added to it, making it the tallest building in all of the Western Hemisphere. It stands as a beacon of hope and recovery.

Near it, you’ll find the National 9/11 Memorial, where the names of all of 2,980 victims we lost that day are etched. The beautiful memorial is a physical symbol of the sense of loss we all hold, even 14 years later.

Fortunately, we have been able to move forward without forgetting.  I called to make airline reservations that very day because I was bound and determined that we would need to live our lives and not succumb to the fear that they were attempting to create.  Flying that next week was surreal as LAX was closed off to all traffic, everyone had to catch a shuttle to get to the terminals, most flights were canceled due to the lack of passengers and the lines to get checked in were lengthy.

America showed her resilience and her resolve and we have pushed through another side of independence and innovation but we can never forget what happened to us on our soil and make sure that we take a moment to reflect on the bravery of our first responders and outstanding citizens.

The Maria Sanchez Show joins with our nation in somberly remembering this day in our country’s history and honoring the heroes we lost as they carried us through it.

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