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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Self-Care Suggestions We Recommend

woman relaxing in a chair

Let’s take better care of ourselves with these self-care tips. With everything that’s on our plates, it may seem like we never have a moment to rest.  However, when we are always on the go, we might forget to factor ourselves into the equation.  Over time, this continued neglect may have deleterious effects on our

Let’s Celebrate Women in Power This Women of Achievement Month

female business owner smiling in front of shop

Let’s honor the women who made significant contributions throughout history. September is Women of Achievement Month. This month is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the women who have made significant social, scientific, and other contributions throughout history. In honor of this Women of Achievement Month, here are some inspiring quotes from influential women. “We realize the

Let’s Celebrate Read a Book Day and Read a New Book Month

stack of books

Let’s relax and get lost in some great books. Today is Read a Book Day and September is Read a New Book Month.  As the names clearly indicate, these designations are about encouraging us to curl up and lose ourselves in a good book.  No matter what genre we prefer, today is about reigniting our

Please, and Thank You! Let’s Be Courteous this September

polite handshake

Let’s honor National Children’s Good Manners Month and National Courtesy Month. Now that it’s September let’s remind ourselves that children AND adults need to be polite and considerate. This is because both National Children’s Good Manners Month and National Courtesy Month are focusing on both in September.  As parents, one of the best things that we

Let’s Observe National Suicide Prevention Month

woman looking off into the distance sadly

How we can observe National Suicide Prevention Month. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. This month we’d like to promote compassion and awareness about the subject and discussing the mental health issues that can lead to suicidal thoughts.  Every year, more than 41,000 individuals take their own lives, leaving behind loved ones who are most