Your Relationship Report Card

Marriage can be tricky. The beginning is full of passion and love, but as time goes on, children are born and money and intimacy issues arise. How you deal with these issues can mean the difference between a happy and long-lasting marriage and divorce.

Top reasons for divorce are typically money, fighting about the children, lack of time, and lack of intimacy. The key to each one of these issues is listening and communication. We have all heard about the importance of listening to our significant other and how to communicate effectively, but many of us lack the tools to put these skills into practice. Find out how to discuss how you each feel about money, which is vital for avoiding arguments, and come to a mutual agreement on what you spend, and what you save. Learn how to have a united front when it comes to disciplining your children and discover tips for creating couple time that allows you to reconnect and remember what brought you together in the first place.

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