Write to a Friend Month – Who Needs it Most?

Sending Snail Mail During Write to a Friend Month

Unfortunately, technological advances have almost eradicated the use of sending letters or cards to our loved ones. Yet, who doesn’t love receiving a heartfelt letter in the mail? The rarity of the occasion makes it even more amazing! December is Write to a Friend Month, which means it is time to send some snail mail.

Whether we choose to write a letter to a friend, relative, or someone in need, doing this deed in the month of December will remind everyone of the pleasant feeling of receiving a letter in the mail. There is something unique about holding someone’s words, rather than seeing them in a Facebook post, a text or an email.

During the month, may I suggest a goal of writing three letters? One letter to a close friend, explaining how much they mean to you and another letter to a relative you have not had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. For the third and final letter, perhaps we might want to write to someone serving our country overseas or to an individual at a retirement home. Often, the holidays are more difficult for these folks as they are separated from the ones they love the most.

Who will you write to in December? To catch up on the latest from The Maria Sanchez Show, download the latest podcast today!

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