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World Marriage Day is Just Around the Corner!

World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day is the perfect time to celebrate your loved one.

World Marriage Day is always observed on the second Sunday of February. Fortuitously, this year that Sunday falls on Valentine’s Day! Pay attention, married people: there are two great reasons to celebrate your spouse this weekend!

Whether you’re a newlywed or have spent decades with your spouse, it’s important to put work into your marriage. While you’ve probably experienced some of your highest highs with the person you married, you know that there have been valleys too. The best way to get through them is to remember why you love your spouse and reminisce on all the memories you’ve shared.

Make the most of World Marriage Day by planning something special for your spouse. That could mean making his or her favorite meal, planning an activity he or she loves, or just offering some extra kind words and a back rub. However you choose to commemorate the holiday, fill it with gratitude, thoughtfulness, and love to show your spouse (and remind yourself!) how much you care.

While I’m not a huge proponent of Hallmark holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, this Sunday is a little more special because of the World Marriage Day coinciding with V-Day.  Personally, I’m a proponent of celebrating love every day – not just one day a year!

I love the institution of marriage, with the right people, and the correct intentions, I think that it creates an opportunity for the spouses to be better together than they would be alone.  In other words, one plus one is greater than two, or to put it more appropriately, the sum is greater than its parts.

Watching my parents and their 61-year marriage, seeing other folks thrive in their marriages, celebrating seasoned and mature couples choosing to get married later in life, gives me inspiration that the institution of marriage is alive and well!

The Maria Sanchez Show team hopes you enjoy celebrating World Marriage Day with your loved one this Sunday!

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