Drink Up On World Kidney Day

Support Your Kidney Health Tomorrow

Tomorrow is World Kidney Day, and this year’s theme is Kidney Health For All. Our kidneys are crucial to our overall healthy living, as they help rid our bodies of toxins. They also help keep our blood pressure at healthy levels, produce red blood cells, and keep our bones strong.

To draw attention to the importance of kidney health, we’d like to suggest drinking at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water today and every day. While drinking water cannot cure chronic kidney disease, water does help our kidneys stay healthy. Because many vulnerable populations do not have access to clean drinking water, this year’s theme of Kidney Health For All should remind us to give back where we can, while being grateful for our own access to clean drinking water.

Take the day to support your kidney while bringing awareness to the need for clean drinking water across the world. Skip the soda and turn to a big glass of refreshing, cleansing water instead to celebrate tomorrow and the future.

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